Get More Involved

 Do you have a background in medicine, research, or biomedical entrepreneurship? Would you like to join our advisory board?

Benefits include free product subscriptions, higher referral payouts, your bio on our advisory board page (coming soon), and eventually a salary/profit sharing.

What's a Medical Advisory Board?

A medical advisory board is a pool of medical professionals who offer advice to a hospital, health care organization, or board of directors.

The board serves its organization by providing guidance and input that helps steer the organization to success.

This includes: 

  • Serve as a resource on specific issues: Experts on a medical advisory board fill any knowledge gaps in the organization.
  • Write and review educational materials: As subject matter experts, the medical advisory board can help review or write reports, case studies, and more.
  • Assist in establishing research funding: Help write proposals and grants to secure research funding.
  • Identify fundraising opportunities: Seek out additional fundraising opportunities to drive the organization forward.
  • Help perfect products, and formulas.

What exactly are Perpetua.Life®'s long term goals?

There's a few different things we'd like to explore including:

Creating a novel NAD+ precursor similar to MIB-626. This is something that's in the works in collaboration with a research team in Switzerland.

We'd like to expand our in-house research team, and explore the development of anti-aging/longevity pharmaceuticals. Perhaps even telemedicine.

And lastly, we'd like to bring research, manufacturing, and distribution under one roof which would greatly reduce our costs. 

If you're passionate about longevity, and would like to help guide us to success: we would love to have you on our advisory board. 

Please fill out this form for consideration: