About Us

Perpetua (Italian: Perpetual) Life® Biotech is a U.S.-based startup that focuses on Research & Development in the field of gerontology, and longevity medicine. 

Ultimately, we're a small group of microbiologists, doctors, and biotech entrepreneurs dedicated to funding longevity research across the World in an effort to develop supplements, and pharmaceuticals that may slow or one day stop human aging.



Boston College

Everything started in the O'Neill Library at Boston College back in 2017 when 3 biology post-grad students, and friends in the Morrissey science department decided something was missing in the life extension market.

This would launch them on the difficult, but rewarding path that wouldn't materialize into a fuly functioning business until 3 years later.

In 2021 the company finally released their first product AEON:

"It was very important to us that our first product be formulated with the most researched, and cutting edge ingredients available on the market. AEON was created to be an all-in-one longevity focused supplement. Each compound carefully chosen for its stand-alone benefits as well as its synergistic ones paired with the other 10." - Prof. Michael Morgan

Here at Perpetual.Life we don't waste money on flashy marketing campaigns, or commercials, because we're not here to persuade you to buy our products. Our goal is to offer already informed consumers a more affordable, unrivaled all-in-one NAD+ supplement.

Perpetua.Life® is a registered trademark of Perpetua Life LLC serial number 97037339 under U.S. codes 005,006,018,044,046,051,052.