How to take AEON?

For best absorption, It's advised AEON be taken with a full meal. Recent research has shown great promise with ED administration around noon.

A full dose is considered 2 capsules, that can be taken together or split AM/PM. 


We've stopped using certain types of vitamin B3 in our supplement that are known to cause redness, and flushing. This was an issue with our August batch. 

Is AEON 3rd Party Tested? 

AEON is manufactured in the United States, from the highest quality ingredients in partnership with a GMP/NSF certified, FDA registered facility in New York. 

Potency, and Heavy Metal testing is conducted on finished product by Twin Arbor Labs in Paso Robles, California; an independent GLP compliant laboratory, accredited to ISO/IEC 17025:2017.

Here at Perpetua.Life we pride ourselves on unrivaled quality standards, and transparency. All of our products are formulated, manufactured, and distributed to the same standards of the pharmaceutical industry.

For the latest lab test results refer to the "Testing" tab in the product description.

How did you choose the dosage?

The exact dosage of each compound in our formula is determined by our laboratory team, and based on the latest clinical research. They look at both the effective therapeutic dose, as well as what your body is actually able to effectively absorb.

Inclusion of some compounds is also weighted against possible side effects or negative interaction with other drugs. We aim to create the safest formula, that can also be safely taken by the largest amount of people.

Can I Take AEON™ Indefinitely?

Yes, our capsules are intended to be taken indefinitely as a dietary supplement. AEON is most effective when used daily over an extended period of time.

Is AEON™ Designed To Be Consumed By Women And Men?

AEON is for anyone looking to support their cellular health, and combat the symptoms of aging.

Can I return AEON™ if I don't like it?

We're so confident you'll love AEON that we have a 30-day money-back guarantee on your first order (of 1 bottle) with us. No questions asked. Certain restrictions apply please read our Return Policy for more information.

Is 500 Milligrams Too Low/High A Serving for Nicotinamide DUO™ (Mono/Riboside Blend)?

500mg is a sufficient daily serving. The serving size of 500mg DUO per day is supported by multiple published human clinical studies. This serving size is clinically shown to increase Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (NAD+) levels in people and maintain those elevated NAD+ levels with continued daily use. 

However, you can safely double your dose to 1,000mg of Nicotinamide DUO (4 capsules per day) if you so choose.

What Makes AEON™ Worth The Cost?

Every ingredient in AEON has been carefully selected to maximize its effectiveness. If you purchased each of AEON's compounds separately the cost would be north of $350 per month.

Will I have to Pay a Tariff or Tax when Receiving an International Shipment?

One to two bottles of AEON ordered at once USUALLY ships duty-free (no import/VAT tax) to most of the World including Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, Singapore and most of EU. We do not pre-pay any duties, so please be informed of your countries specific laws. We're working on establishing local distributors in the EU to avoid these hassles.

Where is AEON Manufactured?

AEON is manufactured in the United States, from the highest quality ingredients in partnership with a GMP/NSF certified, FDA registered facility in New York. 

If you have any other questions please don't hesitate to reach out to us at support@perpetua.life.